Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wizard World's Miami Comic Con

The convention was a blast I had so much fun! To bad gas prices sky rocketed that week.

The convention took place at (MACC) Miami Airport Convention Center. I don't know if Megacon does a red carpet event but I thought it was a cute idea. Especially since everyone waiting to get in gets to see the stars, cosplay and fan groups as well. I think it gives them a taste of what they can find inside. I really loved Urban Ronin's Stunt Team's red carpet entrance. Granted they almost ran me over but I think that's what made it so much more fun. There's nothing like a good front seat to fight.

One of the other things I liked about the red carpet entrance was the boys got to go out there with their droids. I think we were a big hit not just on the carpet but on the floor as well. I probably say this all the time but there is nothing like seeing kids & kids with 18 yrs or more experience face's light up at the site of the droids. Each one of our droids was different and had their own thing.

I know one thing none of us will forget is this cute girl from the picture on the left. That girl was so cute and loved the droids so much. She couldn't believe their were 2 R2-D2's. When she did the Leia scene everyone had to take pictures of her. I don't think Todd will ever forget her reaction the first time he played the Leia message for her. Her eyes got as big as saucers, clenched her hands to each side of her face with a look of amazement. I also don't think either of us will forget Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic book. They signed it and gave it to R2. There is a picture of it on Paulina Splechta's Photography blog.

I don't think Mark will forget all the kids dancing to his and Fletch's R2-D2's Cantina song. People ooh'd and aah'd over Blake's R2-X2. They really enjoy being able to see the inner workings of the droid. Mark and I were both amazed at how many kids knew the different droids. I thought it was a great idea of Mark to have brought photo from Celebration V. It was a major hit. Can you believe people are still talking about Miyamoto's R2.

One of my favorite parts of the convention was that people thought it was cool that my R7 played other songs besides Astromech sounds. Although the absolute best part was getting a hug from Ernie Hudson. It's nice to meet people who are really nice. My worst moment at the con was being told my droid was the gay droid because of an upside down purple triangle. Grrr it just irritated me. No offense but what happen to the earing thing or rainbows? Although that is silly cause I like rainbows too! I did feel a little bad about being agitated by the comment but oh well. Best complement we received was from one of the vendors. They said that the droids really made the convention a lot of fun. A lot of the vendors will also be at Megacon so they are now looking forward to that even more.

Some lessons I've learned not just from this convention but other conventions I've done is make sure your foot motors are on a separate switch. We did have an incident where the throttle on their droid's foot motors was not in the neutral position and took off and hit my droid. No damage done and I was glad it was my droid who isn't finished instead of one of the guys. Another important lesson is to have relays for your foot motors so you don't blow the speed control.

My only regret is that the main site is down. Luckily we have a local forum cause apparently there is a demand for builders in Miami. Some even stated the only reason they didn't start was cause they didn't know of any others in that area. Sadly it does seem we are lacking builders in southern Florida and well, Orlando, Tampa and Brandon are all long trips from Miami.

Any way if you missed out on going or want to see more pictures here's some links and videos that were not previously mentioned.

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