Thursday, March 10, 2011

The many faces of R2

Many people know R2 when they see him but few know that he's more than just some famous droid from Star Wars. Many don't know about all the great things he does when he's not busy hang out with fans at the many conventions held around the world.

Recently another individual who owns an R2-D2 made an egotistical comment about how they built their droid for charity purposes and invited an R2 Builder to join them or do charity events too. Well, it's been a few days since I read those comments and it infuriated me beyond belief. Especially since not only does that individual do a lot of charity events with their droid but so do so many other R2 builders. I know you guys don't go boasting about your accomplishments and how awesome you are for doing events for this charity or that but I felt that you guys deserve recognition. The video above of Victor Franco's build of his R2 shows tons of charity events that he's attended with R2.

We all know how wordy I get when I go on a tangent but I decided to see what I could find as to what the droids have been up to. There are so many stories of how droids will ruin our lives and take over the worlds but with so many kind and caring droids like R2-KT it's hard to think that machines will bring our doom. In the long run I think it's their compassion to inspire and bring joy to the lives of children and adults that will help us live a better life. It's saying something when even a toy company is compelled to make an action figure of this much beloved droid.

Oh and who can forget about when Paul accompanied R2 at the Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. They say that laughter makes you live longer as well as there is no better medicine for sick children than the laughter and smiles that come from seeing a "real live R2 unit". Paul has accompanied R2 on many other similar benefits and just viewing the laughter and smiles on Paul's blog from these events is so heart warming one heart might burst!

Now granted all these stories were mostly in the US but I  have 1 more I'd like to mention that is from the United Kingdom. Mark Enwright's statement in an interview with the BBC about sums up the best part of building the droids. He said, "Building these kinds of robots is very self-indulgent, so getting the opportunity to raise money for charities using these builds is very satisfying". Mark you are so right!

Well, I feel better now and just one last thing to say to you guys.... Your droids are awesome and inspiring. Thank you for being so generous to donate your time for so many great and wonderful causes. I look forward to seeing what you guys do next. :D

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