Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting the show on the road.

It took me about a year to collect enough parts to really get going. The first R2 parts I got was the dome & frame. The dome is a Formosa generation II. I went with the wooden frame since it is what I'm use to working with the most. The frame was made out of plywood and didn't feel sturdy so to give it some reinforcement I added some fiberglass. Assembling the frame was probably about the easiest part by far.

No matter what you get you always have to make some adjustments. You would think that all the parts are universal & and are interchangeable.

The skins are not to terribly difficult all you do is punch out the pieces. As there are many reasons why I may need to remove my skins I attached them to the frame with small screws. I don't recommend gluing them on.

Not all skins came with the extra parts to build your own ports, vents & etc. With a little time & patience & a whole lot of glue and details done. Granted I didn't like how some of them came out after assembling and went with resin parts.

FYI, not all resin pieces are equal. Sometimes that have lots of bubbles in them. The easiest way to fix this is using body plastic to fill them in. Of course once it's dried & harden you'll have to sand it down.

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